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An Audio Education Conference

Hosted by Ministry of Ideas


October 9-12, 2019

Boston, MA


Every day, millions of listeners listen to podcasts and radio programs to teach themselves about the humanities, sciences, and other academic topics, selecting the programs and hosts that suit their learning styles. From tenured academics in university studios to young hobbyists in bedroom closets, producers of educational audio are a diverse set. But they share a common goal—to distill complex information into lectures, conversations, and interviews that are free and accessible to everyone in the world.

Sound Education is a 4-day event in Boston for educational and academic podcasters and radio hosts, and their listeners. It is hosted by Ministry of Ideas, a podcast based at Harvard Divinity School. Information about the first Sound Education conference, in 2018, can be found here.  

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Sound Education 2019 Map and Key Locations

Lodging Options


Charles Hotel (One Bennett St. Cambridge) 1-800-882-1818

Irving House (24 Irving Street Cambridge) 617-547-4600

A Friendly Inn at Harvard (1673 Cambridge St, Cambridge) 617-547-7851

Sheraton Commander (16 Garden St, Cambridge) 617-547-4800

Hotel Veritas (1 Remington St, Cambridge, MA) 617-520-5000

Marriott Courtyard (777 Memorial Drive, Cambridge) 617-492-7777  

A Cambridge House Inn (2218 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge) 1-800-232-9989

Hilton Hotel Boston Doubletree Guest Suites (400 Soldiers Field Road, Boston) 617-783-0090

The Harvard Square Hotel (110 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge) 617-864-5200 

Boston Marriott Cambridge (Two Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway, Cambridge) 617-494-6600 

Hyatt Regency Cambridge (575 Memorial Dr, Cambridge) 617 492 1234


President: Zachary Davis

Executive Director: Joseph Fridman

Co-Executive Director: Ray Belli

Communications Director: Morgan Jaffe

Design Director: Adam Gamwell

Volunteer Coordinator: Ian Daly

Operations: Erik Jones

Co-founder: Doug Metzger

Advisors: Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, Liz Covart

Planning Committee: Nick AndersenGalen Beebe, Kip Clark, Ngoc Doan, Ma'ayan Plaut, Feiran Du, Ben Lillie, Bry Jensen, Kate Downey, Kevin Carlson

We are committed to ensuring Sound Education is affordable for everyone. If you are in need of a scholarship, or have any other conference questions or needs, please write to