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A Conference for Educational Audio Producers & Listeners

Educational audio producers are using the power of sound to bring learning out of the classroom and onto the airwaves. Their shows reach tens of millions of listeners a year—listeners who know that learning is a lifelong pursuit and see producers offering an ever-expanding course catalog.


November 1-3, 2018






Early arrivals to Sound Education will get a chance to attend a workshop hosted by veteran producer and consultant Eric Nuzum at PRX’s Podcast Garage. This workshop will focus on storytelling, character, and voice in podcasting. Learn more about this event and register at the workshop’s official page: Three Things Your Podcast Needs. After the workshop, join us for a meet & greet from 9:00 - 11:00 PM at Article 24 in Allston.




The conference is designed for producers of educational audio. Hosted by Harvard Divinity School, it will feature nearly 50 panelists from across the educational audio spectrum–from radio hosts, to academics, to DIY podcasters.




Designed for the general public, the festival has talks from dozens of educational audio producers, including Hardcore History’s Dan Carlin, Radiotopia’s Julie Shapiro, Scene on Radio’s John Biewen, The Memory Palace’s Nate DiMeo, and many more. Hang out with your favorite hosts, meet your fellow fans, and connect with educators and students from around the country.


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